DotNetix has been leading the development of intelligent Collision Prevention Systems for mining and construction sites.

DotNetix is dedicated to promoting the well-being of workers in their respective working conditions across various industries including mining, industrial, and construction.


SAFEYE is an advanced stereoscopic
machine vision system that detects and differentiates between pedestrians,
mining and industrial machines like dump trucks, excavators, forklifts, cars, and other machines typically found on mining and industrial sites...


NEXUS is an advanced Fatigue monitoring
and management system. Designed for industrial applications to improve safety
sites. Monitoring operator fatigue allows
mining and industrial operators to be safer
and more productive by reducing fatigue operator...


ARGOS is an advanced machine vision
system that warns the operator of
pedestrians around machines. Based on the technology of SAFEYE, ARGOS offers the
most accurate pedestrian detection system
for machines in harsh environments but specifically...


CLEARVIEW is a remote analytics dashboard
for tracking the position of machines and measuring interactions between pedestrians, machines, and objects. CLEARVIEW offers
a valuable online tool to improve safety and traffic management on mining
and industrial...