ARGOS is an advanced machine vision system that warns the operator of pedestrians around machines. Based on the technology of SAFEYE, ARGOS offers the most accurate pedestrian detection system for machines in harsh environments but specifically designed for handling machines and other smaller machines.

ARGOS integrates with CLEARVIEW to provide our customers with information on their site safety and hotspots associated with near-misses between machines and pedestrians.


ARGOS is designed to operate in harsh environments.


  • No RFID tag or signalling device required.
  • Low light-sensitive camera with a wide field of view.
  • Multiple configurations and options for any type of machine installation.

CLEARVIEW is a remote analytics dashboard for tracking the position of machines and measuring interactions between pedestrians, machines, and objects. CLEARVIEW offers a valuable online tool to improve safety and traffic management on mining and industrial sites. CLEARVIEW provides an easy and intuitive dashboard that allows you to monitor a complete fleet of mining and industrial machines. CLEARVIEW supports a complete alarm terminal to keep track of safety problems.



  • Remote video monitoring.
  • Remote ARGOS configuration.
  • GPS position monitoring of machines.
  • Speed monitoring of machines.
  • Near-miss monitoring of pedestrians.             
  • Near-miss monitoring of machines.
  • Connectivity monitoring to ARGOS sensors.
  • ARGOS system health (including Obscured-Lens monitoring).
  • Remote software updates.